Sleep & Spinal Support


One of the most common questions chiropractors are asked is "What kind of bed should I get?"  This is a very complex issue based on a number of factors.  Personal preference on "feel and comfort" is very important, budget, warranties, materials and overall support.  

The following website is an excellent source of accurate unbiased information regarding mattresses, their construction, the materials used to make them, and where to buy them;
Developed in response to the ever increasing amount of misinformation and "marketing hype" masquerading as truth that is becoming the "norm" in the mattress industry.


Your neck needs to have support whether you are a side or a back sleeper.  It is never good for your back or neck to sleep on your stomach.  If you sleep on your back you need to have your neck supported so that it curves in the natural "backwards curve" position.  

If you sleep on your side you must have the correct amount of support to keep your spine straight- your head should not be elevated high or dropped low.  Images will be added here at a later date.